Monday, 16 August 2010

CAMEL CLASSICS | Fashion Trends for Fall Winter 2010 | NET-A-PORTER.COM

Classic came has came back for this fall and now it is the new black. For this spring, it was all about boring shades of beige. But camel is the biggest the colour trend for autumn and winter.

This well-made video shares how does sophisticated camel pair with everything. Go and get youself a stunning camel outwear or a loose cardigan for your wardrobe.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Your life can be what you want it to be

I can't quite remember how I came across this cool mottled clutch with a 3d skull head embezzled in dark diamantes on the front! I think this is a story of predestination that I bought it in the last minute before the shopping mall closed. I just love how the double zip feature has fixed and how funky the interior features are.

Volkswagen. fancy this cute blue!

I was looking though the Next sale and nothing really seemed to be catching my eyes until I found this long grey vest. I love the quality feeling which is the thing exactly I had been looking for. It is a kind of fantastic fabric which feels like velvet, silk or both.

Do you have any overknee socks?

get yourself a pair of classic ribbed ones which will figure you very well and rejuvenate you in a minute. I really need another toeless pair at the moment.

I've been fed up with my hair style, can hardly be called a style in fact. I still need to wait for 2 months time when I get back to China going to my hair stylist who is more familiar with my hair movement hair quality something.

photos by: Chim

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

nothing special

It's really ridiculous to keep an open secret as a secret, hardly did i think it possible to hide a four-years exprience of your life from anyone else as you cant wrap fire in a paper. I can't stand depressing my burning fury that I'm learning to blow off the reppression everytime I held inside.

20 months had gone by since Dec 2008, I'm now trying to remember every tree and bush, every church and terrace, every teaching building and supermarket, every tram and traffic light, every kid and elderly, they are always by my side, actually they will be only something that I can feel the difference in the future.

I dreamed a lot on the way I went through these two years time though the times are tough, also did I expect the future troubles in front of me breaking into my life, yet I still have to construct myself to be stronger, never give up and go over from the passive to the active. The only criteria judging one's value is whether one can be approved by him/herself. That's what I am feeling that loneliness is carnival for the one, Carnival is loneliness of the many...

step out with my celine clogs, never thought it was so steady to wear...
other things from this outfit are:
stripe slouch jumper
hotwind heart necklace
random sunglasses
topshop gold and silver bracelet
zara vintage clutch
topshop crepe hareem
primark chain skinny belt
celine clogs

Thursday, 1 July 2010

cant be tamed

June has went out with some sadness that a really pleasant living has passed by, I'm still here wondering why joyous is always flash though. I haven't step out for days, but all the pieces of fragments in June were active to imprint on my mind. Right now I'm compiling my vacation playlist which is hardly relevant to any academic works, so shamed that I've got my schedule messed up ever since.
slices of June
love these snaps taken before the sunset died away...
living around here for almost 2 years...
love the scene the setting sun flushed the asphalt road...

I came across this black top in BANGBANG the other day
just obsessed by the nice crop and the comination between black fabric and those golden zebras...
I was highly inspired by high street fashion and vintage pieces, and also got some styling thoughts from Hilary Tsui, even though some of her past outfits I dont quite understand, but she never gone wrong from her personal angle, hits time to time, after all, she is one of the most successful fashion icons in hk, I just obtain what I thought is advisable and more acceptable to me...

Sunday, 27 June 2010

starting point

Finally got a starting point in here where I can practice my english and post something chic into a porfolio. I'm getting bored of my dissertation and cant even turn to my work in such a great sunny day. The scene what I fancied everytime in a day is to finish checking out all the fashion blogs before beginning the paper work, yet what I also anticipated is that I finally live my days with chagrin that I never ever get on a word at it. The reasons were well organized in my mind at a time, feeling tons asleep, watching world cup, how about one hour later??... IDK, but I really really need to make a self-examination on my sloth for an absence of acadamy one after another. Thus I urgely need a fantastic inspiration to sort out all work stuff and take myself out of smart networks in advance. I will...then have an easy rest.

I'm being bloody obessed by black n golden statement, it gonna spread wide in my closet...
Congrats, lets jump for joy yo....