Sunday, 27 June 2010

starting point

Finally got a starting point in here where I can practice my english and post something chic into a porfolio. I'm getting bored of my dissertation and cant even turn to my work in such a great sunny day. The scene what I fancied everytime in a day is to finish checking out all the fashion blogs before beginning the paper work, yet what I also anticipated is that I finally live my days with chagrin that I never ever get on a word at it. The reasons were well organized in my mind at a time, feeling tons asleep, watching world cup, how about one hour later??... IDK, but I really really need to make a self-examination on my sloth for an absence of acadamy one after another. Thus I urgely need a fantastic inspiration to sort out all work stuff and take myself out of smart networks in advance. I will...then have an easy rest.

I'm being bloody obessed by black n golden statement, it gonna spread wide in my closet...
Congrats, lets jump for joy yo....

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  1. I adore Your style! Perfect sense of Fashion:D