Wednesday, 7 July 2010

nothing special

It's really ridiculous to keep an open secret as a secret, hardly did i think it possible to hide a four-years exprience of your life from anyone else as you cant wrap fire in a paper. I can't stand depressing my burning fury that I'm learning to blow off the reppression everytime I held inside.

20 months had gone by since Dec 2008, I'm now trying to remember every tree and bush, every church and terrace, every teaching building and supermarket, every tram and traffic light, every kid and elderly, they are always by my side, actually they will be only something that I can feel the difference in the future.

I dreamed a lot on the way I went through these two years time though the times are tough, also did I expect the future troubles in front of me breaking into my life, yet I still have to construct myself to be stronger, never give up and go over from the passive to the active. The only criteria judging one's value is whether one can be approved by him/herself. That's what I am feeling that loneliness is carnival for the one, Carnival is loneliness of the many...

step out with my celine clogs, never thought it was so steady to wear...
other things from this outfit are:
stripe slouch jumper
hotwind heart necklace
random sunglasses
topshop gold and silver bracelet
zara vintage clutch
topshop crepe hareem
primark chain skinny belt
celine clogs


  1. Your outfit is gorgeous!

    Just came across your blog! It is lovely!

  2. Exquisite photos.